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2005-2006 Programs

8 October 2005
Maintaining Poverty: Women and the Welfare State
"From Security to Rehabilitation to Rights: Women, Welfare, and Poverty"
Eileen Boris, Hull Professor of Women's Studies, UC-Santa Barbara

"Television's 'Queen for a Day': The Mid-Twentieth-Century 'Worthy' Poor"
Carole Srole, History Department, California State University at Los Angeles

"Tough Love in L.A. County: Latina Immigrants and the Failure of Welfare Reform"
Alejandra Marchevsky, Liberal Studies, California State University at Los Angeles

Moderator: Ricky Manoff, Women's Studies, CSU-Northridge

25 February 2006

Women, Disability, and the Arts
“The Theatrical Landscape of Disability: Domestic vs. Transcendent Geographies”
Victoria Ann Lewis, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Redlands

“Truth and Beauty: Women, Disability, and Literary Form”
Helen Deutsch, Associate Professor, Department of English, UCLA

“Five Foot Feat: Dance, Disability, and the Art of the Ordinary"
Catherine Cole, Associate Professor, Department of Dramatic Art
Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UC-Santa Barbara

Moderator: Penny L. Richards, Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women
18 March 2006
Women in Politics in the Twentieth Century
“In the Service of the Nation: Conservative Women in Early 20th Century France”
Cheryl Koos, Associate Professor of History, CSU-Los Angeles

“Reading and Writing on the Right: Conservative Female Political Culture in Postwar Los Angeles”
Michelle Nickerson, Assistant Professor of History, University of Texas at Dallas
Fletcher Jones Fellow, Huntington Library

"Realpolitik: One Woman's Experience in the Trenches of Los Angeles Government"
Valerie Fields
Former Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District

Moderator: Lisa Sousa, Associate Professor of History, Occidental College
3 June 2006
Performing Gender and Sexuality in Latina/o L.A.
“From Macha to Macho: Expanding a Visual Vocabulary”
Raquel Gutierrez, USC Center for Feminist Research & the Butchlalis de Panochtitlan
and Claudia Rodriguez, Butchlalis de Panochtitlan

“Feminism + Femininity = Anxiety,
and Other Reflections on Performing 'Confessions of a Cha Cha Feminist'”
Maria Elena Fernandez, Performance Artist

"Figuring L.A.:
The Performative Force of Luis Alfaro's
'Pocho Nightmare-A Moo Moo Approaches.'"
Tiffany Ana Lopez, UCR Department of English

Rita Cano Alcala, Scripps College Hispanic Studies and Chicano Studies

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